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If you kiss someone else, are you cheating on your partner? Are you unfaithful if you think about someone else? Everyone has their own definition of fidelity or infidelity and, in a couple, it’s very important to have the same vision! Here’s how to define your limits.

Looking at things in the same way

Discuss your partner’s idea of fidelity or infidelity with him/her and set limits together. Some couples have more flexible limits, while others are more rigid. It’s up to the two of you to find out what suits you both.


There can be different kinds of cheating. For some people, sexual infidelity means kissing or making love to someone other than the partner. Some people also think that touching or masturbation are kinds of cheating.


Unfaithful feelings can also be considered as cheating. For example, exchanging texts with sexual undertones and flirting, thinking about another person, or falling in love with someone else can also be considered as infidelity.


I’m interested in someone else. Should I say something?

If you’re in a relationship and you’re interested in someone else, you may feel the need to talk about it, or you may not. It’s normal to sometimes have a crush on someone or to experience a fleeting attraction. 👀 If it won’t affect your relationship, it may not be worth discussing.


If, however, you feel that the situation is hurting your relationship, that you’re no longer yourself or that your partner is suspicious, perhaps you should have a conversation. By being honest and showing your partner that they’re important to you, you’ll have a better chance of maintaining their trust. Of course, you need to be open to the possibilities of their reaction. Your partner may feel hurt, angry, or sad.


You may also want to talk about it because you’re unsure about your relationship, or because you think it’s normal to talk about it. You know best!


I cheated on my boyfriend or girlfriend 😭 👿

If you think you cheated on your boyfriend or girlfriend, ask yourself what happened.


  • Why did you cheat on him/her?
  • Are you unsatisfied with your relationship?
  • Do you have stronger feelings and more desire for the new person than for your partner?
  • Are you still in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend?


Take stock of your current relationship. If you’re not willing to invest any more in that relationship, it might be time to break up.


If you want to keep your relationship, you have 2 options: confess or keep silent. There’s no wrong choice: it all depends on the situation, your relationship, and your personality. If you feel guilty or uncomfortable, confessing might make you feel better. However, you don’t know how your partner will react. If you were in his/her place, would you want to know the truth? The answer to this question might help you decide.


My boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on me 😡 😭

If your boyfriend or girlfriend was unfaithful to you, you can react in various ways. You might decide to turn the page, accept it, and move on. In that case, ask yourself if you’re ready to live with it and pardon your partner. Has your trust in the other person been shaken? If you’re constantly doubting the other person, it might be better to end the relationship 🔚 🛑.


You might also take this opportunity for a reality check. What happened? You can tell the other person what you feel and try to understand his/her version of the facts. By talking things through, you might identify some problems in your relationship, find solutions, and redefine your limits.


Infidelity is like an earthquake: it can shake the very foundations of a relationship., Sometimes, the relationship collapses, even if you still love each other. If you find it hard to accept your partner’s cheating or your heart is broken, don’t hesitate to get help.