What are anxiety disorders?

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Anxiety becomes an anxiety disorder when it doesn’t disappear once life goes back to normal, when it causes serious distress, when it appears for no good reason, when it permanently preoccupies the person, and when it prevents the person from functioning normally.

Anxiety disorders may be accompanied by a variety of physical symptoms:

  • fatigue

  • headaches

  • nausea

  • a feeling of suffocation

  • excessive sweating

  • chills

  • shakes

  • numbness

  • high blood pressure

  • digestive problems, etc.

and psychological symptoms (difficulty concentrating, worries).


Most common anxiety disorders

What to do if you think you have an anxiety disorder

If you experience the symptoms of an anxiety disorder, consult a health care professional, who can confirm your disorder (diagnose it) and then guide you to the right resources or necessary treatment. Specialized organizations also exist for each of the disorders, and they can give you support and guidance on how best to cope with your disorder.