Provide a non-judgemental place for Quebec youth to turn to, providing daily support as they discover the world, have their first experiences, and deal with struggles in their everyday lives.

We believe that a young person who feels heard, valued, and supported will be open to leaning on support in the future.


To be trusted as an ally by all youth in Quebec.
Create lasting relationships that are based on trust
Be an organization that is constantly learning and being innovative
Collaborate with like-minded entities
Ensure quality and thoroughness in all our actions

What do we do every day as a trusted ally to the youth?

We offer a diverse and supportive space that is adapted to the specific needs of the individual. To achieve this we work with:
A professional support service that has a dedicated and experienced intervention team, and is available on various platforms.
A self-help community and place for young people to share their thoughts and feelings.
Workshops for the classroom on sexuality, relationships, mental health, and seeking help.
Accurate and relevant educational content on all our platforms.
We sometimes don’t feel comfortable talking to our parents about our problems, and that’s ok! Thanks to Tel-jeunes, I know I can write to someone who will be able to help me when I need it. They always take the time to understand what I’m going through and help me find solutions. It feels so incredibly good to have that. It is a huge weight off of my shoulders. Tel-jeunes has mostly helped me try and figure out my sexuality and how to deal with my anxiety, and for that I am forever grateful. Today this is why when I have free time, I too want to help young people. 
BélierTalentueuse1, Tj Forum teenager member.
I learned that my kid was taking drugs and had possibly lied to me about it. The counsellor at Tel-jeunes took the time to listen to me and gave me concrete tips to help me talk to my son about it. In that moment, I needed reassurance and guidance and Tel-jeunes gave me just that.
A Mother who used youth support services
Tel-jeunes is an invaluable partner for the healthy development and happiness of future generations in Quebec. The commitment and expertise of their teams has been at the heart of their success for over 30 years.
Stéphane Hamel, President of Tel-Jeunes Board of Directors

A young person who reaches out to Tel-jeunes will

Have access to factual information and a sympathetic ear.
Never be judged, and will always be believed and valued.
Be supported in their decisions and choices.
Be able to openly share their reality with other young people.
Be referred to relevant resources if needed.

Tel-jeunes’ Services

Resources for Youth
A safe space for young people to share their thoughts and feelings
A support and intervention service for youth
Educational materials and workshops for school staff
A support and intervention service for parents