Youth Committee 2023-2024

The fourth committee
Tel-jeunes in 3 words : inclusion, diversity and action!

Youth Advisory Committee Mandate

The Youth Advisory Committee is made up of 13 engaged, inspiring, and enthusiastic young people. Its mandate is to ensure the voices of young people are heard, so that Tel-jeunes can continue providing relevant and inclusive content and services.


Amongst their duties, for 2023–2024, the committee members will be testing all of Tel-jeunes’ services and suggesting ways they can improve. As they work with the Tel-jeunes teams, the fourth Advisory Committee will advise the organization so that it can stay attuned to the youth perspective.

2023-2024 Youth Committee


Alexander is organized, passionate, and funny. His greatest strength is his empathy. He loves reading and skiing and is even a ski instructor for kids. His favourite food is lasagna, and he says he gets his energy from coffee. If he were elected, his top priority would be to stop violence against children. His favourite artist is Hozier. Alexander wants to learn German. And if he were a superhero his superpower would be teleportation.


Anné is spontaneous, energetic, and extremely creative. She’s multi-talented and loves the arts, especially reading, writing, drawing, painting, singing, and playing the guitar. If she were elected, she would create more inclusive school programs for youth who are neurodivergent or living with mental health issues. If she were a superhero, she would want the power to stop time. But in real life, Anné has a very busy schedule. She would like to learn German and hopes to become a psychiatrist for children.


Antoine speaks Arabic, French, and English. He is generous, calm, respectful, and very sporty. He likes basketball and going to the gym, and he recently won a fencing competition. As a basketball fan, he would have loved to meet Kobe Bryant. When he’s not working out or playing sports, Antoine watches adventure movies. He’d like to learn Japanese. If he were the Prime Minister, his first zany law would be to make transit cards free for everyone. He dreams of driving a Formula 1 car someday. And if he were a superhero, his superpower would be the ability to fly.


Audrey is a bit of a nerd. She likes gaming, programming, writing, and getting involved in the community. Even though she’s super into IT, she’s also very social, and wants to get into web design and multimedia. Her greatest strength is her unstoppable determination, and one of her biggest motivators is seeing the positive results of her actions. If she were elected, LGBTQ+ issues would be her biggest priority.


Chloé is caring, multi-talented, and determined. She’s trilingual, speaking French, English, and Mandarin. She likes writing stories and songs, and she’d really love the chance to publish a book. She gets her energy from matcha, and her favourite food is Pad Thai. If Chloé were a superhero, she’d want to master telepathy. And if she were elected, climate change would be her biggest priority.


Emma is an organized, confident go-getter who likes social events. If she were elected, social justice would be her biggest priority. Her favourite artist is Cœur de Pirate. The last book Emma read is La masturbation ne rend pas sourd (Masturbation Doesn’t Make You Go Deaf), a book about sexuality and puberty. She has a hidden talent for listening and giving good advice. And she’s proud of the person she is right now.


Fiona likes debating, reading, dumplings (yum!), and Taylor Swift. She’s organized, caring, calm, curious, and her perseverance is her biggest strength. She’d love to try canoe camping and wants to learn to play the violin. If she were elected, her priority would be to encourage more people to get involved in politics. And if she were a superhero, she would want the power to stop time.


Ilya is a bold, extroverted dreamer. He loves life and the arts! He enjoys singing in his free time (that’s his hidden talent), but math is his biggest strength. He’s proud of winning a provincial drawing contest when he was 10. He’d love to travel to Hawaii and meet SZA or Beyoncé. If he were a superhero, he’d want the power to make the people around him happy.


Jeanne is funny and involved, and she always has a smile on her face. She likes improv, animation, and theatre. In fact, performing on stage motivates her and gives her energy. Her favourite artist is Les Louanges. Jeanne is proud of having graduated from high school. She’s currently in Cégep! Outside of school, she wants to learn how to parallel park. She has a hidden talent for burning everything she tries to cook. And if she were elected, women’s safety would be her biggest priority.


Léna is passionate about theatre, stagecraft, movies, poetry, and psychology. If they were elected, education and the arts would be their biggest priority. Their favourite artists are Emily Dickinson and Ionesco, and they’d love to meet Cœur de Pirate one day. In their free time, they like filling in spreadsheets (yes, really), writing scenes and plays, and playing video games. Léna would love to produce a film, and wrote their first play at 15 years old.


Maha is ambitious and likes learning new things, getting involved in her community, and meeting new people. She’s also interested in writing, politics, and science. She has received an excellence in academics award for science. She wants to learn how to code, and she hopes to take part in a speech competition one day. If she were elected, education and the environment would be her biggest priorities.


Sharnagat was born in Delhi, India. She speaks five languages and would like to learn Arabic or Persian. She is communicative, adventurous, and dynamic. She loves the arts, particularly drawing and calligraphy. Sharnagat also likes to try new experiences. If she were a superhero, she would love to have magical gadgets that would transport her wherever and whenever she pleased. As a committed student, Sharnagat was elected to the Environment and Climate Change Youth Council, in addition to being involved with Tel-jeunes.


Sophie is bold, energetic, and empathetic. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding. Her listening skills are her greatest strength; she’s a trusted confidant who can keep secrets and give sage advice. If she had a friend who needed an attentive ear for any reason, she’d encourage them to reach out to Tel-jeunes. If she were a superhero, she’d want the power to make people happy. And if she were elected, she’d prioritize youth wellness and better secondary school programs for young people with special needs.

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