Youth Committee 2022-2023

The third committee
Tel-jeunes in 3 words:
inclusion, diversity; and action!

Youth Advisory Committee Mandate

Made up of 22 engaged, inspiring, and enthusiastic young people, the Youth Advisory Committee has a mandate to ensure the voices of young people are heard. This is to create inclusive and representative content and services that are reflective of their lived experiences and what they need.


For 2022-2023, the Committee members’ mandate is to be the eyes and ears of Tel-jeunes in their respective fields. Their goal is to ensure that the content and projects we organize remain relevant to young people. They are committed to helping Tj create and develop innovative projects for the youth. Furthermore, the youth ambassadors are chosen so that diverse perspectives are represented in our services.

2022-2023 Youth Committee

Alex - 14 years old

Alex loves getting involved, especially when a cause is close to his heart. His greatest passion? Music! He describes himself as someone who listens to everything, but his love for music extends beyond listening; he can also play no less than four instruments! Having already used Tel-jeunes’ services himself, Alex wants to help the organization reach even more young people.

Atlas – 15 years old

A lover of literature and poetry, Alex is looking forward to bringing their unique brand of creativity to the Committee. They love to express themselves and share their passion with others! They also love music, especially anything they can sing along to. They want to diversify the support Tel-jeunes can offer to youth and help queer youth be seen and understood by their peers.

Catherine – 16 years old

Catherine describes herself as someone with a big heart, and it shows in how deeply she is involved in her community. From choir to school committees, she never passes up an opportunity to engage with others. Just don’t invite her over for soup! It’s her least favourite dish! In fact, she would rather skip dinner than have soup! She’s joining the committee to bring awareness to mental health issues and put them under the spotlight. 

Charlotte – 14 years old

Charlotte has always wanted to help people: she’s wanted to be a child psychologist since she was four years old! She always keeps an open mind and identifies as pansexual. She loves to help others, and she is a friend to all animals, even taking care of a rabbit she found in the forest. She joined the committee to help others understand that they are not alone.

Chloé – 14 years old

A huge fan of rap and rock music, Chloé is an artist to her core! Although she describes herself as a jack of all trades, she does especially love all things theatre and singing. She’s also eager to travel the world after having the opportunity to visit Asia for three months with her school last year. During her time on the Youth Committee, she wants to help her peers talk more openly about sensitive topics.

Clara – 16 years old

Describing herself as a generous and super positive person, Clara is ready to do whatever it takes to make a difference in young people’s lives. She has already been able to help a lot through her work as a lifeguard, which she describes as the place where she feels most at home. Her motivation for joining the Committee is to be around people who want to make a difference, just like her!

Eden – 17 years old

As school president in secondary 5 (Grade 11), Eden loves to inspire others with her positive attitude. She enjoys grappling with different opinions, since every encounter is an opportunity to improve herself and grow as a person. She is Israeli, born to Ukrainian parents, so she brings with her a wealth of cultural experience that she will put to good use during her time on the Committee.

Élodie – 15 years old

Élodie, or Élo to her friends, has the soul of an artist! She loves to express herself through her art, and even has a studio at home. Energetic and joyful, she often says that laughter is her raison d’être. Her open mind and creativity are great assets for the Committee.

Jade – 16 years old

Jade is a leader who is not afraid to speak up if something is bothering her. Like many of her fellow Committee members, she loves music! Whether playing any number of different instruments or listening to her favourite tunes, the arts are an integral part of who she is. But the easiest way to see her smile…is to make her pasta! She wants to build off her experience as a Tj Forum user to learn all she can about the various resources available to adolescents, and how they can be used to help all young people.

Laurianne – 17 years old

In addition to having a deep love for horses, Laurianne describes herself as someone who loves to help her family and friends, and who has a vivid imagination. She’s had a lot of experiences in her life, and now wants to use her lived experience to make a difference for other young people. She loves all musical genres, as long as it fits her vibe. She is looking forward to helping young people during her time on the Committee.

Leïla – 15 years old

Talkative and a social butterfly, Leïla feels most at home in an environment like the Youth Committee, where participation is key. She loves teamwork and is always ready to lend a compassionate ear. In her free time, she enjoys listening to French rap and The Weeknd. Being engaged in her community as a young person is very important to her, and that’s why she decided to join the Committee.

Leila – 16 years old

Leila gives her all in all she does (unless it’s science), and brings a lot of experiences to the Youth Committee. She has done competitive dance since she was just one year old, and she’s recently fallen in love with jazz! She got involved with the Committee to help young people around her understand that they are not alone.

Marianne – 15 years old

Ambitious and involved, Marianne is very generous with her friends. She loves pop music and will never pass up a chance to listen to Angèle, her favourite artist. In her free time, she also sings! In fact, she herself has been singing since the age of five. She also loves psychology and wants to focus on mental health prevention during her time on the Committee.

Marie-Rose – 16 years old

A voracious reader, Marie-Rose is rarely seen without a book in hand, but that doesn’t stop her from being active in her school. The sheer number of school committees she participates in is a testament to that fact. In her free time, she enjoys listening to jazz and artists who changed history, like Elvis and Aretha Franklin. During her time on the Youth Committee she wants to focus on the issues that are affecting youth today.

Max – 17 years old

Energetic, empathetic, and always ready for anything, Max always does his best to spread joy and laughter wherever he goes. He also loves dinosaurs and sports. Directions though…are not his forte; he often says that he has the sense of direction of a shrimp floating in the sea. He believes in the importance of helping others and wants to make the voices of young people heard through his participation in the Committee.

Olivier – 18 years old

Olivier lives his life to the beat of the music! A huge hip-hop fan, he’s also a rapper himself and never passes up the opportunity to spend time in the studio with his friends working on his next single. He loves grapefruit, to the point that he claims he drinks five times as much grapefruit juice as he does water. He joined the Committee to improve the lives of young people.

Pierrick-Jean – 15 years old

Sociable, gentle, and empathetic, Pierrick is someone with a lot of different passions. From sports to reading to geography he loves exploring new and varied topics. This variety is also apparent in his musical taste; he loves all kinds of genres: jazz, classical, baroque music, anything good. He is on the autism spectrum and would like to use his experience to help raise awareness about autism and help young people.

Rose Émie – 17 years old

Energetic, passionate, engaged, and persevering, Rose Émie wants to share all her qualities with the Committee. She has been taking dance classes since she was three years old and has a special place in her heart for modern dance. But that doesn’t stop her from forgetting the names and titles of her favourite artists and songs. She’s always been very involved in her school, as she loves to help students overcome their worst moments. She is bringing this same desire to help to the Youth Committee.

Sara-Ines – 15 years old

Generous and always smiling, Sara-Ines is the type who laughs when she’s nervous. She has no favourite musical genre and listens to anything, but she really loves putting on a Taylor Swift album whenever she has a chance. In her free time, she also loves reading and playing sports, especially track and field, skating, and swimming. She likes to keep up with the news and always wants to help young people, and she hopes to bring her experience to the Youth Committee.

Shaïca – 17 years old

If you ever cross paths with Shaïca, she’ll probably have her earbuds in. She never goes anywhere without them; she’s a fan of many different bands and artists and is usually listening to something. She was motivated to join the Youth Committee because she identifies closely with the values of Tel-jeunes. She recognizes that she is fighting for the same things. She’s ready to get out of her comfort zone and bring her own brand of aid to the Committee.

Steven – 14 years old

Passionate about politics, you’ll probably see Steven on the ballot in a future election. He loves being involved in improving mental health, especially for youth. He joined the Committee to help our young people and to meet other adolescents who, like him, want to make a difference.

Anny – 17 years old

Sociable and athletic, Anny loves to be involved in different activities and stay busy. Among other things, she has been a figure skater for over ten years and is now a coach. All this energy she expends does not stop her from taking a step back from time to time to appreciate classical music or film scores. As a member of the Committee, she hopes to share her point of view and contribute to the well-being of young people.

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