How do I know if the person I have a crush on likes me too?

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You’re crushing on someone and you want to know if it’s mutual? Here are some ideas that could help.

Get to know your crush

Do activities with the person so you get to know him/her better. They could be activities with a group of friends at first. Then you can find reasons to be with him/her. By getting to know the person, you’ll be more able to detect if he/she is interested in you or not.


Try to decode his/her feelings

Do you have any clues that the person might be interested? Comments, little attentions, a feeling that he/she is listening to you, that you’re important to him/her, etc. If the other person is interested in you, you may be able to figure it out.


Ask your friends

Your friends know you well. Do they think your crush is interested in you? Can they imagine you being together? Their opinion can help you see things more clearly.


Open your heart!  ❤️

It’s difficult, but you have to if you want to know for sure. You can talk directly to your crush or approach the topic subtly: tell him/her you appreciate him/her, talk about his/her good qualities, etc.


What if you’re wrong? 🙇

To err is human: that’s how we learn! By having these experiences, you’ll discover how to decode other people’s signals of interest. And next time you’ll do better!


If you experience a big disappointment, don’t remain alone with your suffering. Talk about it to your parents or friends or call Tel-jeunes!

How Do I Know if My Crush Likes Me Back? [French only]