Should I tell my crush I have feelings for him/her?

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You have a crush on someone but you’re hesitant to talk to him/her? That’s normal! Talking about your feelings takes courage! Here is some advice to help you decide if you should open your heart right away or wait a while.

⚖️   Weigh the pros and cons

When you decide to confess your feelings, you can’t predict how the other person will react. If you talk about it, you’ll have gotten it off your mind. On the other hand, you might be rejected. Do you feel ready to handle the other person’s various possible reactions? Take time to think it over before acting.


👉    Wait for the right time

If the other person has just broken up with someone, is already in a relationship, or is the ex of one of your friends, you might want to wait for things to change before you talk about what you feel. It’s all a matter of timing!


👉    Make sure you have a “real” crush

Sometimes we can feel really in love one morning and the next day… nothing! Or someone who didn’t interest us before suddenly makes our heart beat faster. Is your feeling a lasting one? To find out, try to get to know the person better.


👉   Spend time with your crush

Find ways to spend time with your crush, first with other friends, then just the two of you. In the beginning, you might do group activities with your friends. That way, you can find out if you have interests in common, if your crush is serious, and even if the other person is interested in you or not.


👉   Watch for the signs

Is your crush sending you signs of interest? They might be comments, paying close attention, listening carefully… Your friends’ opinion could help you figure this out.


👉   Go slow

Are you ready to talk to the person? There’s no need for a big declaration! You can talk about his/her qualities, say that you like spending time with him/her, etc. Then the person might tell you if he/she shares your feelings.


Even if you take the time to do everything right, the other person might need time to think things over or tell you he/she isn’t interested. It’s never a pleasant experience, but at least you’ll finally know what he/she thinks!


What if i’m in love with someone, but he/she doesn’t seem interested in me? Forget him/her or keep trying?


First of all, try to assess your chances. You could ask your friends for their opinion or spend more time with the person you’re in love with to try and figure out his/her feelings. If you have the courage, you could also talk openly to him/her.


If the person isn’t interested, you have several possibilities. You could decide to hang on, keep on hoping, or make another attempt to win him/her over. However, love can’t be commanded and you might be rejected.


You might also decide that it’s time to turn the page and forget him/her. In that case, you’ll likely experience some heartache. Give yourself time. Eventually, your feelings will die down.


Remember that you’re still a unique and special person, and you’ll still meet lots more people just as wonderful as you!