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Being in love

Are you in love? 💘

Do you have a special feeling for someone? Are you wondering if you’re in love? To find out, answer a few questions!

  • Is there someone you’re thinking about (a lot!) 💭 right now?
  • Do you find that person unique and special?  ✨
  • Do you feel like you love the person in a different way from your friends and parents?
  • Do you feel nervous when you’re with him/her? Do you make mistakes, have trouble finding words, or laugh without any reason? 🤪
  • Does your body react when you think about this person? Do you have butterflies in your stomach or a lump in your throat? 🦋
  • Do you want him/her to notice you and be interested in you 👀

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you’re probably in love! Will you have the courage to show your feelings or will you wait a little bit longer?

Catherine Brunet and love [French only]
How Do I Know if My Crush Likes Me Back? [French only]
How Do I Know if I’m in Love? [French only]
Catherine Brunet and love [French only]
How Do I Know if I’m in Love? [French only]
How Do I Know if My Crush Likes Me Back? [French only]

I’m in love with...

... a celebrity
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You are in love with a celebrity?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! But is it really love?

• Love, is a deep feeling that you have for someone you know well and whom you’ve learned to love with all his/her qualities and defects.

• Admiration, is what you feel when someone impresses you with his/her talent or beauty.

• Attraction, means wanting to be with a person because you find them good-looking, sexy, or physically attractive.

If you’re “in love” with a celebrity, what you’re probably feeling is a mix of admiration and attraction.

You don’t really know this person. In reality, he/she may be someone you wouldn’t like at all!

If you feel that your hopes are taking up too much space in your head and your love is making you unhappy, it’s time to move on. If necessary, talk about it to someone you trust.

... my teacher or coach
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You’re attracted to your teacher, your coach, or another adult you know. Despite his/her age, you admire him/her and feel like you’re in love. Should you be worried? Answer: it depends!

You might fall in love with a teacher, a coach, or another adult you admire. These adults are there to help, listen to, and support you. Sometimes you might mistake their caring attitude for love.

However, a teacher, coach, or other adult should never respond to your love. Since you’re under 18 years old, an adult who is responsible for you has no right to have a romantic or sexual relationship with you, even if you want to. It’s forbidden by law.

If you feel uncomfortable or your attraction to an adult is taking up too much room in your life, talk about it to someone you trust. That will surely help you see things more clearly!

Some information about consent.

... someone who’s in a relationship
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There’s nothing you can do about it: you think constantly about him/her and when you see him/her, your heart pounds… but the person is already part of a couple!

We don’t decide who we’re going to fall in love with. And when our heart chooses someone who already has a boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s complicated!

What should you do? Keep silent, express your feelings, try to forget the person, wait for him/her? It depends on the situation!

If you have the courage, you might decide to talk to the person to find out how he/she feels. You might also decide to keep silent, for example out of respect for his/her relationship, if you think it’s just a passing feeling or if the situation isn’t too painful for you. Finally, you might choose to wait and see: who knows, you might forget the person or you might get your chance later on!

If the person isn’t interested or you decide to try to forget him/her, you’ll probably suffer from heartbreak. In that case, give yourself time to get over it, go out with your friends, and do things you enjoy to take your mind off it.

Most of all, don’t keep everything locked up inside you! No matter what happens, talk about it with your friends or with Tel-jeunes. Talking with people who understand you is sure to do you good!

... my best friend
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Falling in love with your best friend can be exciting but also worrying. Should you tell him/her about it or not? Here are some ideas to help you sort things out.

• Are you ready to see your relationship change? A declaration of love could cast a chill on your friendship or turn it into a romantic relationship. Afterward, it won’t be possible to go back again.

• Is your love serious? If it’s just a brief infatuation, it may not be worth risking your friendship for.

• Do you think the other person loves you too? If you’re not sure, you could spend more time with your friend to try to find out how he/she feels.

• What will you do if your friend isn’t in love with you? Think about what you want to do: stay friends, keep your distance for a while?

No matter what happens, be sure to have someone you can share your pain with… or your joy!

What is a fuck-buddy?

... someone who isn’t interested in me
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You’re in love with someone, but he/she doesn’t seem interested in you. What should you do? Forget him/her or keep trying?

First of all, try to assess your chances. You could ask your friends for their opinion or spend more time with the person you’re in love with to try and figure out his/her feelings. If you have the courage, you could also talk openly to him/her.

If the person isn’t interested, you have several possibilities. You could decide to hang on, keep on hoping, or make another attempt to win him/her over. However, love can’t be commanded and you might be rejected.

You might also decide that it’s time to turn the page and forget him/her. In that case, you’ll likely experience some heartache. Give yourself time. Eventually, your feelings will die down.

Remember that you’re still a unique and special person, and you’ll still meet lots more people just as wonderful as you!

... someone online
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The Internet brings people closer together… It has lots of advantages because we can talk to our friends and our lovers right now. But are there risks? In addition to asking yourself the right questions, you need to distinguish between the desire to please, lying, and honesty when online relationships are involved.

I’ve never been in love 😕
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You’ve never fallen in love? Don’t worry: there are plenty of young people just like you!

About 25% of teens experience their first romantic relationship after age 17. There’s no normal or ideal age for falling in love for the first time. Every life is unique and everyone experiences their romantic relationships in a different way.

In order for a relationship to develop, 2 people have to please each other and want the same thing. It can’t be predicted in advance and it doesn’t always happen when we want it to. Most importantly, just because it hasn’t happened to you yet, that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen to you!

You might feel lonely sometimes or different from other people and look forward to having your first love affair. Give yourself time. One day, you too will meet someone who makes your heart beat faster.